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Welcome to Urban Water

Most of the cities in developing countries like India experience rapid urbanization and peri-urban growth. Amongst other issues, this leads to a gap in the capacity of centralized water supply systems and the growing demand, giving rise to water shortages. The impacts of water scarcities are especially felt in poor and informal settlements with limited access to piped water supplies and peri-urban areas where the supply network is yet to be extended. ACCCRN along with TARU Leading Edge Pvt. Ltd. has taken the initiative in Indore to develop, test and demonstrate practical strategies for responding to the impacts of climate change on urban areas. One of the key objectives of ACCCRN is to share success stories and encourage cities around the world to replicate effective strategies and activities. The Conjunctive Water Management Project aims at the mixed use of local and distant sources along with demand focussed end use of water.



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CWM emphasises understanding the demand and meeting it through a judicious mix of local as well distant sources based on quality, availability and cost. It emphasizes demand focused end use of water.


Community context analysis is essential for proper planning and finalisation of any intervention. Socio-economic surveys as well as water supply, sanitation and many other details of the community need to studied.

Climate Change

Rise in temperature and change in rainfall pattern affects not only the availability but also the quality of water. It is important to understand these impacts to better manage our water resource.


Click for information on current water systems, management and issues, past and ongoing development activities and many other interesting facts and news articles.


Past and upcoming events on water manamgent in India and the World.

Policy Documents

Click here for policy documents on water management and urban water issues.